2018 Competition Classes


Conducted as part of our annual


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4.Cryptanthus or Orthophytum


6.Bromeliad species (any genus)


8.Neoregelia Midi size


10.Tillandsia Small Blooming

11.Tillandsia Small Foliage

14.Tillandsia Large Blooming

15.Tillandsia Large Foliage

16.Vriesea Blooming

17.Vriesea Foliage


18.Bigeneric or other genus not listed above

19.Miniature bromeliad

20.Variegated bromeliad


23.Dish or tray garden or novelty planting

24.Bromeliad arrangement

25.Artistic or floral arrangement

26.Decorative container

27.Hanging container

28.New Zealand hybrid

29.Original Bromeliad Art Work

30.Educational display  


 2018 new genera


1.Exhibitors must be financial members of the Bromeliad Society of N.Z.

2.A maximum of two plants may be entered in each class.

3.Plants must have been grown by exhibitor for at least six months prior to show.

4.Plants must be clean and healthy, free from scale and insects and drained of water. Pots must be clean and potting mix free of weeds and other plant material. Each plant should be correctly labelled with name, or if unnamed, with parents, and with no abbreviations. (i.e. Neoregelia hybrid is unacceptable). This rule does not apply to classes 16, 17 and 28. Labelling not necessary in Classes 23 to 25, and 29.

5.Plants may be potted only in standard clay, terracotta, green or black plastic or unadorned bonsai pots or may also be mounted on any suitable material.

6.No commercial leaf shine, cream or milk may be used to enhance the appearance of the plant.

7.A pot may contain single or multiple plants provided they are attached to a single rootstock.

8.Neoregelia Midi size is for plants less than 200mm high and 250mm wide.

9.Nidularioids include Nidularium, Canistropsis, Canistrum, Wittrockia and Edmundoa.

10.Tillandsias must be firmly attached to mounts and must look established. They may be single or multiple plants within the stated measurements. Fiji Trophy awarded for Best Tillandsia.

11.Tillandsia sizes are: Small (up to 20cm (8in)), Large (20cm up (8in plus)). These measurements exclude inflorescence and mount.

12.Miniature bromeliad may be single or have multiple heads attached to a single rootstock, no plant more than 12.5cm (5in) high excluding inflorescence. Tillandsias are not permitted in this class. 

13.Variegated bromeliad is a plant with white, pink or red longitudinal stripes on leaves.

14.Pitcairnioideae includes Dyckia, Puya, Pitcairnia, Hechtia, Navia and Deuterocohnia.

15.Olive Allan Trophy for Best of Show chosen from Classes 1 to 22 and 28 only.

16.Class 24 Bromeliad Arrangement uses bromeliads only and can incorporate only natural materials. Plastic pots are not allowed. Ern Bailey Trophy for Best Arrangement awarded to winner of this class.

17.Class 25 Artistic or floral arrangement may use other types of plant but must include a significant amount of bromeliad material.

18.Class 26 Decorative Container and Class 27 Hanging Container may contain more than one plant but of one type only.

19.Class 29 May be painting, drawing, photograph, needlework or other original work of art executed by the exhibitor.

20.Class 30 May be any collection of bromeliads and/or other visual aids designed to educate on any phase of bromeliad horticulture. Maximum size is 1 sq. metre.22.Entries may not be removed from show until after 12pm. on Monday 18th March.

21. Entries may not be removed from the show until after 3pm on Sunday 18th February.

22.Unless mentioned above other rules as BSI standard show. Final decision rests with Competition Stewards.

23.Entries will be accepted between 1.00pm and 5.00pm only on Friday 16th February.